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Why cryptocurrency isn’t integrated into your local grocery store?
Privacy, simple as that.


the protocol.


Bob generates a deposit key by depositing an asset to the redacted smart contract.


After depositing, Bob should wait some amount of time before withdrawing to improve his privacy.


Bob submits a valid key of deposit and the contract transfers the asset to his wallet of choice.


Let the Numbers Speak


Total Value Redacted


Active Users


Real Yield Generated


Our Token $RED

The $RED token provides both utility and serves as a governance token. Our goal is long lasting worth of reward so that the reward may scale with it's users. $RED gives the opportunity to own a piece of Redacted by receiving a monthly share (50%) of all revenue collected.


Powering the Terra
Network with PRIVACY

Public blockchains are great for transparency but personal financial privacy is entirely destroyed by it. Everyone with your wallet address can calculate your net worth and record your transactions. For the crypto space to not turn into a cyber dystopia we need to think about our financial privacy.

And we have just the solution for you.


Redacted money is completely trustless and you never lose custody over your assets. Decentralization is a key point in this and serves for your security.


The backbone of security for redacted money is our zk-snark (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) technology implementation. This is a form of cryptographic proof that allows one party to prove it possesses certain information without revealing that information. For this a secret key is created every time prior to a transaction taking place.


Meet our Roadmap

2023 Q4

Interchain Privacy

After the successful launch on Terra, we set to to become THE cross-chain privacy solution ever. That means: A privacy infrastructure layer for anonymous communication between blockchains.

Someone could use our privacy smart contract from ETH -> ETH, and it would still benefit the Terra community by adding to volume, liquidity and TVL on top of adding to the reward pool for the redacted community.

Read more here.

2023 Q3

Proof of Innocence

The “Proof of Innocence” protocol adds an additional layer to this process by allowing users to prove that their commitment is not in a given list of commitments. This helps to ensure that the user is not a hacker or other bad actor who has been sanctioned or flagged for illegal activities.

To create this proof, the user provides the blacklisted commitments and constructs a Sparse Merkle Tree of this blacklist. This allows the user to easily and efficiently prove that their commitment is not in the blacklist. This proof can then be verified by anyone.

Read more here.

2023 Q1

Revenue Sharing / REDACTED DAO

First of all, we are still launching our revenue sharing. All revenue will be split 50/50 between Ronin NFTs and $RED and then distributed.To make the whole thing possible we directly entered a partnership with TFL. As a basis we will use TFL's dAPP @enterprise_dao, which gives us and you the possibility to manage the whole DAO easily. After discussions with Enterprise, revenue sharing is now being implemented (will be ready early Feburary 2023) — so we and especially YOU have the assurance that all funds as well as proposals are safe thanks to an audit of all contracts used directly by TFL. We will then send any revenue from redacted directly to the $RED/$RONIN treasurys via Warp, so it can be distributed directly to you.

Completely autonomous.

So we give up any power over the two treasurys.


Q4 2022

$RED Launch + Listing

- $RED DEX listing on Astroport.
- Airdrop to Ronin Holders at DEPEG
- $RED CEX listing

The Blade

Launch of a trustless non-custodial Zero Knowledge protocol that exists to bring you an easy to use way of securing your transactions from prying eyes.


The most common questions, here is the FAQ!

Is it possible to obtain information about the sender?

No. Redacted is a decentralized protocol based on zero-knowledge. The smart contracts are immutable, there are no administrators. Only the user will be able to link the deposit and withdrawal.

What does transaction fee mean?

Redacted takes a 0.5%-1.0% fee on transactions, this is to protect the protocol against bot and spam attacks. These fees will be transferred to the revenue pool.
1% fee for 10$LUNA; 1% fee for 100$LUNA; 0,5% fee for 1,000 $LUNA; 0,5% fee for 10,000$LUNA.

How can anonymity be maximized?

Redacted solves only on-blockchain piece of the privacy, while users also need to follow these best practices to ensure privacy. These include: using a VPN, using the Incognito mode in your web browser, using the platform during different times, and ensuring there is an appropriate time interval between the deposit and withdrawal.